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Historic Preservation & Surveying

We love having a part in preserving Pennsylvania history! We have acquired historic survey records from many other surveying companies for the purpose of preserving the land records that otherwise would be lost to time and the landfill. We index and digitize all survey records we obtain to facilitate enhanced survey community ties and consistency.

Brick house

In our archives, we have records from:

  • Douglas W. Breitinger

  • Amos J. Kirk

  • George Rice (partial)

  • Daniel Hendricks (partial)

  • David Downs

  • Edward Blumerick

  • Surveying Services

  • G. Marvin Hendricks

  • All County Surveyors, Inc.

Total Expertise:

Records in our archives are available for individual purchase to cover our overhead costs of acquisition, storage, digitizing, and indexing.

Farm Field
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